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October 9, 2007
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Kingdom Hearts II

(The words rush the screen and the camera moves through them. Fade in to Sora standing at a crossroads. More words appear on the screen)

Sora: A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up--yours and mine.

(Kairi sits on the Destiny Islands beach, making a charm of thalassa shells. A shell is washed away in the water. Sora, Kairi, and Riku watch the sunset, dreaming of other worlds. Kairi, Riku, and eventually Destiny Islands itself disappears with the wind. Sora jumps off the paopu tree and lands at the Rising Falls in Hollow Bastion with Donald, Buu and Goofy. Sora jumps up the platforms, defeating Shadow Heartless. He sees Kairi lying in the Grand Hall of the castle and runs to her. He kneels down beside her and holds her. He turns his head and sees Riku, who turns around and holds out his hand to Sora. A large wave comes up behind him, and Sora appears on Destiny Islands. He runs to Riku with his Keyblade. In the Grand Hall, Sora and Riku's blades clash. Sora spins to hits him, but he leaps into the air. Pieces fly off him as he falls near the entrance to the Dark Depths, revealing him as Ansem. Sora leaps into the air and slams down his Keyblade. The door to Kingdom Hearts opens and light pours out. Ansem shields his eyes with his arm. Riku makes a promise to Sora as the door closes. Sora's heart is opened by the Keyblade, and the princesses' hearts are released. Sora holds Kairi close. Kairi stands on Destiny Islands staring out at the water. Day turns into night and lights fall around Kairi as she watches Sora leave. Kairi stands again at the water, but she is now older. Cross to Naminé, who's drawing in Castle Oblivion. The spiral stairs become reality and Sora, Donald, Buu, and Goofy run up them fighting Heartless. Goofy smashes one with his shield. Buu attacks three with his sword and cannon. Donald performs Thunder. Sora sees DiZ and a figure in black through the blue smoke. A white hall forms around them and Sora finds himself alone, facing down Marluxia, who smirks. Sora runs forward. Marluxia swipes with his scythe. Sora flies forward, dodging another swing from the scythe. Riku leaps backwards, away from a blast from Ansem, catching himself and running forward. Sora and Riku exchange blocks and blows with Marluxia and Ansem. Sora throws his Keyblade at Marluxia, who stops it with his scythe. Sora, Donald, and Goofy run up through Castle Oblivion's spiral stairs as Riku and Mickey descend them. As Naminé is drawing, Sora enters the room. On Naminé's pad is a drawing of Sora inside a capsule. Sora looks down and a capsule blasts up and envelops him. He looks helpless at a sad Naminé. Sora starts to fall. He soars across the water to Destiny Islands. Naminé closes her sketchbook on a picture of a sleeping Sora. Sora, Kairi, and Riku lie hand in hand upon the beach. Roxas falls down through the water. He wakes up and lands on hard ground. He looks around warily but sees nothing. He steps forward, and covers his face as hundreds of birds fly out of a bright light, revealing a platform with Sora adorned on it. Roxas watches as the birds fly away. At a dark ocean beach, two people in black coats meet, one sitting on a rock overlooking the beach)

??????: You have arrived. I've been to see him... He looks a lot like you.

?????: Who are you?

??????: I'm what's left. Or... Maybe I'm all there ever was.

?????: I meant your name.

??????: My name is of no importance. What about you? Do you remember your true name?

?????: My true

(Sora's memories play through his head)

Kairi: Sora.

(Sora awakens on the Destiny Islands, and yawns)

Sora: Whoa!

(Kairi giggles)

Sora: Give me a break, Kai--!

(Sora and Riku race on the beach)

Riku: Giving up already?

(The three overlook the ocean at twilight)

Riku: If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?

(Sora gazes at his chalk drawing of him and Kairi in the Secret Place)

?????: This world has been connected.

(Sora gets up in distress.)

Sora: Wh-who's there?

?????: Tied to the darkness...

(Sora and Kairi watch the ocean on the dock)

Kairi: Sora, don't ever change.

Riku: The door has opened...

(Riku offers his outstretched hand to Sora. Sora runs to him but is stopped by darkness)

Sora: What?

(Sora stands and faces Darkside)

?????: You understand nothing.

(The door behind Kairi in the Secret Place blows her towards Sora, who readies to catch her)

Kairi: So...ra...

(Kairi vanishes as Sora catches her. Sora is blown out of the tunnel. We are brought back to a morning view of a boy's room. The blond-haired Roxas sits up on his bed, after waking up)

Roxas: Another dream about him...

(Roxas opens the window and looks out on the town as the train station bells ring in the morning air. The logo of Twilight Town appears on the screen as the train passes by in the background. Fade to The Usual Place, where the train passes on the tracks overhead. Hayner, Olette, and Pence are enjoying conversation, while Roxas sits thinking. The words 'The 1st Day' appear on the screen)

Hayner: Man, doesn't that tick you off?

Pence: Yeah, that's just wrong.

Olette: Seifer's gone too far this time.

(They look over at Roxas, who only nods. Hayner jumps off his seat)

Hayner: I mean, it's true that stuff's been stolen around town. And we've got a score to settle with Seifer and everything. So if he wants to think we did it, I can't really blame him. See...that's not what really bugs me. What really bugs me is that he's goin' around tellin' everybody we're the thieves! Now the whole town and their mothers are treating us like the Klepto Club! Have you ever been this ticked off before in your life? 'Cause I haven't. Nuh-uh, never. Now...what to do.

(Olette, not knowing what to say, looks over at Roxas, who shrugs)

Roxas: Uh...well... We could find the real thieves. That would set the record straight.

Pence: Hey that sounds fun!

Hayner: What about Seifer?

(Roxas stands up and Hayner crosses his arms)

Roxas: First, we gotta clear our names. Once we find the real culprit, everyone will get off our backs.

(Hayner slightly growls)

Pence: Oh no! They're gone!

(They look and see that Pence is holding a camera)

Pence: Our ---- are gone!

(Pence puts a hand to his throat at his inability to say 'photos')

Pence: What?

Hayner: All our ------, gone? Huh?

(Hayner does the same)

Olette: Huh? You can't say -------? Why not?

Pence: But you do understand what I'm saying, right? Our ------ are gone!

Roxas: Stolen... And not just the ------. The word ------! They stole it too!

Hayner: What kinda thief is that? Seifer could never have pulled that off.

Roxas: Yeah!

Hayner: All right, time for some recon!

(Hayner, Olette, and Pence run off. Roxas begins to follow, then becomes dizzy)

Roxas: Huh?

(Roxas falls and blacks out)

DiZ: His heart is returning. Doubtless he'll awaken very soon.

(Roxas wakes up on the ground and stands up, dusting himself off)

Roxas: Huh?

(Olette returns)

Olette: Roxas, come on.

(Roxas nods. Roxas catches up to the group in the Market Street: Tram Common and Hayner spots him)

Hayner: Over here!

(Roxas approaches his friends in front of the Armor Shop)

Pence: Let's get this investigation underway.

Storekeeper: Yo, Roxas. Never thought you'd do such a rotten thing...

Roxas: We didn't steal anything, all right?

Storekeeper: I'd like to believe you, but... Who else would steal that stuff?

Roxas: What stuff?

Storekeeper: As if you didn't know. Hey, I'm not gonna tell you. Go ask at the accessory shop.

(The group turns around and sees the accessory shop)

Hayner: Go on, Roxas--- ask her.

(Roxas speaks to the Accessory Shop owner)

Owner: Oh, it's you, Roxas... Please don't let me down. You used to be one of my favorite customers.

Roxas: I'm not a thief!

Owner: Okay...

Roxas: It's no fun having everyone suspecting me, ya know.

Owner: Then you've got to find a way to clear your name. The woman at the candy shop is pretty disappointed, too.

(The four of them look to the candy shop)

Woman: Roxas? Have you seen my cat around?

Roxas: Er...

(Roxas looks up and sees the cat on the awning above them. Roxas retrieves the cat)

Woman: Thank you, Roxas.

Roxas: Did they steal something from you, too?

Woman: Oh, my, yes. Something important.

Roxas: Just so you know, we didn't do it.

Woman: I believe you.

Roxas: Thanks for that, ma'am. So what did they take from you?

Woman: My ------. My precious ------.

Hayner: Looks like the culprit is going around stealing ------. And not just ------, but the word ------, too.

Pence: This isn't your average thief...

Olette: I wonder if Seifer would know anything about this.

Roxas: We gotta talk to him. C'mon, to the sandlot!

(The four run to the Sandlot, where they find Vivi, Rai, and Fuu talking. Vivi notices them and stops, making them turn around)

Fuu: Thieves.

Rai: That was low, y'know!

(Vivi shakes her hat)

Hayner: Oh yeah?

(Seifer walks in)

Seifer: Nice comeback there, blondie.

Hayner: What'd you say!?

Seifer: You can give us back the ------ now.

Rai: Yeah! You're the only ones who would take it, y'know?

Seifer: That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers. So what did you do? Burn it? Ha, not that we need some ------ to prove that you're losers.

Fuu: Replay!

Seifer (laughs): Now you're talking!

(Seifer, Vivi, Fuu, and Rai get ready to fight. So does Hayner)

Seifer: I guess if you get on your knees and bed, maybe I'll let it slide.

(Roxas moves closer to the gang, who all laugh at him. Seifer crosses his arms. Roxas moves to kneel down)

Hayner: Roxas!

(Roxas chooses the long battling sword with the strong handle. Roxas and Seifer prepare to duel)

Hayner: Roxas, focus!

Seifer: Kneel, loser!

(Roxas knocks Seifer around a few times)

Seifer: Come on... quit playin' around and fight!

(Roxas proceeds to defeat Seifer, much to Seifer's annoyance. Rai and Fuu move to guard Seifer)

Rai: Seifer's not feelin' so hot, y'know!

Fuu: Tournament decides.

(Pence gets out his camera to take a picture of Roxas. He gives him the thumbs up when a white Dusk appears out of nowhere and steals the camera. The Dusk flees toward the Market Street: Tram Common)

Hayner: What was that?

Olette: The thief!

(The three race after the Dusk. Roxas follows it through the hole in the Market Street: Tram Common wall and ends up in the Woods. The Dusk continues through the forest, dancing around the trees as if it wanted Roxas to follow it. Roxas follows and ends up outside the Old Mansion. He approaches the Dusk. Words appear in Roxas's head)

????: We have come for you, my liege.

Roxas: Huh?

(The mouth zipper of the Dusk opens and Roxas attacks. His sword however does nothing to inflict the Dusk)

Roxas: It's no use...

(The sword in his hand swirls with data)

Roxas: What?

(The sword turns into the Keyblade)

Roxas: What...what is this thing?

(Roxas looks from the Dusk to the Keyblade and decides to try again. This time, he succeeds and the Dusk vanishes, dropping the pictures from the camera. The Keyblade in Roxas's hand disappears. Roxas's picks up the pictures and returns to the Usual Spot)

Hayner: What's this?

Roxas: I was his first customer after he took over the shop. So we took a picture together.

Olette: It's a really nice photo. Oh...!

Pence: Hey! You just said "photo"!

Hayner: So, Roxas--tell us about the picture thief.

Roxas: Not much to say. The pictures were just lying there.

Hayner: Then how do we prove we weren't the ones who took 'em?

(Hayner spots the next picture and chuckles)

Hayner: It's a girl...

Olette: You look happy, Roxas.

Roxas: Do not.

Pence: So, like, anybody else notice that all the stolen pictures are of Roxas?

Olette: Ohh. So that's why everyone thought it was us.

Hayner: You mean Seifer didn't go around accusing us after all?

Roxas: Are they really all of me?

Pence: Yep.

(Pence holds out the picture in his hand)

Pence: See?

Olette: Look!

Pence: Right? Every single one. Wouldn't it be weird if the thief wanted to steal the real Roxas or something?

Hayner: C'mon, get serious. Why would anyone wanna steal a bonehead like Roxas?

Roxas: Oh, thanks!

(The four friends laugh as the train station bells ring and the train passes overhead. They all look up at the tracks. Hayner, Pence, and Olette leave the Usual Spot, Olette waving. Roxas leaves after a bit. He holds out his hand to block the sun from his eyes and he hears a voice)

Sora: I?

Roxas: Who's there?

Sora: Who are you?

(The screen becomes scrambled)

Computer: Restoration at 12%.

(Someone in a black coat walks up to DiZ, who is sitting at a computer desk in front of many lit screens)

DiZ: Organization miscreants... They've found us.

?????: But...why would the Nobodies steal photographs?

DiZ: Both are nothing but data to them. The fools could never tell the
difference. We are running out of time. Naminé must make haste.

(Sora's memories continue to race through his mind. Sora is awoken by Pluto in the back alleyway of Traverse Town)

Sora: Oh...Where am I?

(Sora races into the Second District)

Sora: What happened to my home? My island?

(Shadows appear around him and he readies his Keyblade)

Sora: Riku! Kai--!

(A static image of Kairi appears. Sora is confronted by Leon in the First District)

Sora: Who are you?

Leon: They will come at you out of nowhere, as long as you continue to wield the Keyblade.

(Donald, Goofy and Majin Buu are knocked out of the sky and onto Sora in the Third District)

Goofy: Hey, why don't you come with us? We can go to other worlds on our vessel.

Leon: Sora, go with them. Especially if you want to find your friends.

Donald: Donald Duck.

Goofy: Name's Goofy.

Majin Buu: I’m Majin Buu.

Sora: I'm Sora. I'll go with you guys.

Leon: The Heartless have great fear of the Keyblade.

Aerith: That's right. The Keyblade.

Sora: So...this is the key?

Jafar: But the boy is a problem. He found one of the Keyholes.

(Sora locks the keyhole in Agrabah. Roxas wakes up in his room)

Roxas: A key...blade?

(The words 'The 2nd Day' appear on the screen. Roxas walks to the Usual Spot)

Roxas: A Keyblade...

(Roxas spots a stick leaning against a wall and swings it around like it's a fighting weapon)

Roxas: What was that about?

(He tosses it over his head and it hits someone wearing a black cloak in the chest)

Roxas: Oh!

(The person walks away down the steps)

Roxas: Sora... about that...

(Roxas walks into the Usual Spot and sees Hayner, Pence, and Olette already sitting enjoying some sea-salt ice cream. Hayner offers Roxas some)

Roxas: Thanks.

Pence: Do you guys think we'll always be together like this?

(Roxas sits down)

Olette: I sure hope so.

Hayner: Huh? Where did that come from?

Pence: Oh, well, you know. Just thinking out loud.

Hayner: Well, I doubt we can be together forever. But isn't that what growing up's all about? What's important isn't how often we see each other, but how often we think about each other. Right?

Pence (laughs): Get that off a fortune cookie?

Hayner: That's it, no more ice cream for you! Man, today's turning out to be a drag.

Olette: Maybe because of yesterday's memory thief.

Hayner: Nuh-uh. You know what it is? We don't want summer vacation to be over. That's all! So, how about this?

(Hayner stand up)

Hayner: We all go to the beach! And why do we go to the beach? Because we haven't gone once this entire vacation! Blue seas! Blue skies! Let's just get on the train and go!

(The rest of the group say nothing but stand up as well)

Hayner: No? Aw, c'mon!

Roxas: Maybe you forgot, but we're broke.

Hayner: Maybe you forgot I'm smart!

(The group, except Roxas runs out of the Usual Spot. Pence runs back in)

Pence: Hurry up, Roxas!

(Pence leaves again. Roxas meets up with them in the Back Alley outside the Usual Spot)

Hayner: We're going to Market Street!

(The group leaves to Market Street: Station Heights. Roxas finds them reading a poster on the wall about The Struggle)

Hayner: Just two days to go. You and I have to make the finals! That way, no matter who wins, the four of us split the prize!

Roxas: Okay, you're on.

Pence: You two are gonna clean up!

Olette: Go get 'em!

(Roxas and Hayner make a sign of friendship with their arms)

Hayner: It's a promise! Now, let's get down to business. One ticket to the beach is 900 munny. How much for four of us?

Olette: 3600 munny.

Hayner: And 300 each to spend there. What's that for all of us?

Olette: 1200 munny. A total of 4800 munny.

(Pence puts his hands behind his head)

Roxas: To spend on what?

Hayner: Pretzels, of course! What else is there?

Roxas: Well, there's always watermelon.

Hayner: Too pricey. They're, like, 2000 munny apiece.

Roxas: Pretzels it is.

Hayner: So, where were we?

Olette: We need 4800 munny altogether. But all we have is...

Pence: I've got 800.

Olette: ...650.

Roxas: 150. Sorry.

Hayner: That's 1600 munny! We need another 3200. Let's find ourselves some odd jobs and earn some dough! We have 'til the train leaves to earn 800 munny each!

(Hayner runs off)

Hayner: Meet at the station with cash in hand!

Pence: Didn't he say he had it covered?

Roxas: Whatever. Those pretzels are sounding pretty good.

(Roxas helps out with some odd jobs and meets the other three at the Station Plaza)

Hayner: All present and accounted for?

Pence: What've we got?

Roxas: Let's see...

(Roxas pulls out some munny)

Roxas: Just this.

Hayner: Good job.

Olette: Nice work, everyone. Added to what we started with, we now have...

(Olette shows them the munny pouch she made with the munny inside it)

Olette: Tada! 5000 munny!

Pence: Sweet!

(Olette gives the bag to Roxas)

Olette: Let's get tickets!

(Olette and Pence run ahead into the station)

Hayner: We can't be together forever... so we'd better make the time we do have something to remember.

Roxas: Huh?

Hayner: Gotcha!

(Hayner jokingly punches Roxas in the stomach and joins the other three. Roxas follows but then suddany stops)

Roxas: Huh?

(He sees Buku walking down the stairs, he passes Hayner, Pence and olette and bumps into Roxas)

Roxas: Whoa.

(He carries on walking)

Roxas: Hey you look like...

(Buku stops and then truns to him and whispers something to him)

Roxas: What?

Hayner: Roxas! Three minutes!

Roxas: Okay!

(Roxas looks back to Buku, who is gone. He catches up to his friends in the station. Hayner bends at the teller and holds out four fingers)

Hayner: Four students!

Pence: Roxas, the money!

Roxas: Wait--

(Roxas searches himself for where he put the munny pouch)

Roxas: No!

Hayner: Huh?

(Roxas looks back out toward the plaza and remembers Buku)

Roxas: He took it!

(Roxas begins to run outside into the plaza)

Olette: Where are you going?

Roxas: Remember that guy that went pass? I had the money before that. I bet that guy took it!

Hayner: Guy?

Roxas: He couldn't have gotten too far...

Hayner: What are you talking about?

(Hayner remembers Roxas outside alone)

Hayner: There was no guy.

(The train station bell wakes Roxas up)

Roxas: Huh? But he... There wasn't... Really?

(The train whistle blows and they realize they've missed it)

Pence: Oh boy...

Roxas: There wasn't anyone...there?

(Hayner, Pence, and Olette leave the Station. Later, the four are eating sea-salt ice cream on the clock tower ledge. The train is moving in the background, while Roxas sits and thinks, his ice cream dripping)

Olette: It's melting.

Roxas: Sorry.

Hayner: Cheer up already!

Roxas: That was definitely weird, though.

Olette: Strange.

Hayner: You said it.

Roxas (to himself): Can you feel Sora?

(Roxas remembers what Buku whispered to him)

Buku: Can you feel Sora?

(The screen becomes scrambled)

Computer: Restoration at 28%.

DiZ: Naminé, hurry.

(Buku juggles the munny pouch while DiZ remains at the computer screens and the clocked figure is standing over DiZ)

Buku: Is it really that hard to make a beach?

DiZ: We'd be giving the enemy another entry point.

Buku: And this?

(Buku holds out the munny pouch)

DiZ: We can always buy some sea-salt ice cream.

(DiZ laughs. Buku juggles the pouch again)

DiZ: Objects from that town must be kept out of the real world. You can delete that.

(Sora remembers several events from his journey across worlds)

King Triton: As the key bearer, you must already know one must not meddle in the affairs of other worlds.

Ariel: So many places I want to see... I know I'll get there someday.

Phil: Thus, I do hereby dub thee junior heroes.

Majin Buu: Hey! What do you mean "junior heroes"?

Phil: You rookies still don't understand what it takes to be a true hero.

Aladdin: I...I wish... ...for your freedom, Genie.

Genie: Al!

(Genie is granted legs)

Jack: Sally, why didn't I listen to you?

Sally: Don't feel bad, Jack. We'll come up with another plan for Halloween. Next time, we'll do it together.

(Sora summons Mushu)

Sora: Power!

Mushu: I am Mushu.

Riku: Or are you too cool to play them now that you have the Keyblade?

Sora: Riku! What are you doing here?

(An image of Kairi flashes)

Sora: Did you find her?

(Sora's on the deck of Captain Hook's pirate ship)

Sora: I still can't believe it. I really flew. Wait 'til I tell Kai--.

(Kairi's face flashes again)

Sora: I wonder if she'll believe me. Probably not.

(Tinkerbell floats before Sora. Cloud walks beside the group)

Sora: I'm searching, too.

Cloud: For your light? Don't lose sight of it.

Piglet: Sora, where are you going?

Sora: I'm gonna go look for my friends. They're waiting for me.

(Pooh waves goodbye and the other animals watch Sora leave)

Sora: Where are Donald , Buu and Goofy?

Riku: Instead of worrying about them, you should be asking about her.

(Kairi's face flashes again on the word 'her'. Sora locks Neverland. Sora slightly remembers Riku and Kairi, when they're memories returned in Castle Oblivion. DiZ remains at his desktop. Naminé stands in front of the capsule in a white room. Roxas's consciousness resides with Naminé's)

Roxas: Who are you?

(The girl turns around and smiles. Roxas wakes up in his room. Naminé is standing there, but disappears when he turns to look)

Roxas: Huh...?

(The words 'The 3rd Day' appear on the screen. Roxas walks into the Usual Spot and sees a letter on the couch)

"Meet at the station. Today's the day we hit the beach--and don't sweat about the munny! -- Hayner"

(Roxas rides to the Market Street: Station Heights and sees Pence and Olette)

Roxas: Hey.

Olette: Morning.

(The two freeze in midwalk)

Roxas: Huh...?

(Roxas runs up to them but it suddenly stopped by Naminé)

Naminé: Hello, Roxas.

Roxas: Uh... Hi... And you are...?

(Naminé holds up a hand to quiet him)

Naminé: I wanted to meet you at least once.

Roxas: Me?

Naminé: Yes, you.

(Roxas scratches his head and Naminé walks away. Pence and Olette unfreeze)

Pence: Olette dragged me along to go shopping.

Olette: Hey, you wanna come with us?

Roxas: Um, uhh, wait... did you just see that...

(Roxas looks in the direction Naminé left)

Pence: He's stalling.

Olette: Very well, then. We'll see you later, Roxas, okay?

Roxas: Y-Yeah...

(Olette and Pence leave)

(Roxas looks again)

Roxas: Did she go to that haunted mansion?

(Roxas runs to the Tram Common and sees Naminé. He runs to the hole where the Woods are)

Roxas: Huh?

(A dark cloud appears and a few Dusks come out of it and try to pull him in)

Roxas: Lemme go!

(Roxas runs back to the Tram Common and the Dusks follow him. He runs into the Sandlot, catching the attention of Seifer, Fuu, Rai, and Vivi)

Seifer: Hey, chicken wuss.

(Roxas stops as the Dusks enter)

Fuu: Who's that?

(Fuu and Rai get in their fighting positions as Vivi runs away)

Seifer: I dunno, but they've already crossed the line. Find a weapon!

(Roxas spots one of the battling swords and rolls to grab it. Roxas tries to fight the Dusks, but is thrown down, his weapon having no effect. He stands back up and notices that Seifer, Vivi, Fuu, and Rai are completely frozen in time)

Roxas: Not good...

(The Dusks approach a weaponless Roxas)

Naminé: Roxas! Use the Keyblade!

(Roxas looks up and sees Naminé on a building overlooking the Sandlot. A Dusk attacks Roxas, who blocks with his hands and is transported to the Station of Serenity on the blue Sora platform. A sword, shield, and staff appear in bursts of light. Roxas chooses, and the Keyblade appears in his hand. Dusks storm the platform and Roxas fights them. A treasure chest appears and he opens it. A mysterious door appears at the other edge of the platform. A bodiless voice seems to emanate from it)

Voice: Be careful. Beyond that door lies a completely different world. But don't be afraid.

(Roxas walks toward the door)

Voice: Don't stop walking...

(Roxas opens the door and ends up in the Station of Calling. He ascends the stained-glass stairs, fighting Dusks until he comes to another door. He enters the Station of Awakening and encounters Twilight Thorn. He fights Twilight Thorn and it falls on top of him. He is pulled into the darkness, but Naminé catches him and saves him. He finds himself in a white room standing before Naminé. Before he starts to speak, Naminé places a finger to her lips)

Naminé: My name is Naminé. Roxas... Do you remember your true name?

(Buku returns and picks Naminé up)

Buku: Say no more, Naminé.

Naminé: But Buku, if no one tells him, Roxas will...

Buku: It's best he doesn't know the truth.

Roxas: Hey! You're that pickpocket!

(Buku holds out his hand and conjures a dark portal behind Roxas. Roxas leaps away from it. Buku pushes him inside, and Roxas wakes up in the Sandlot)

Rai: Seifer, strike a pose, y'know?

Seifer: How's this?

Rai: That's totally perfect, y'know!

(Roxas sees Fuu take a picture of a posing Seifer while Rai and Vivi stand around her. She is using Pence's camera)

Rai: How 'bout one more, y'know?

(Roxas stands up)

Roxas: What's that for!?

Fuu: Keepsake.

Rai: Those freaks in the white jumpsuits are gone, y'know?

Fuu: Cakewalk.

Roxas: What were those things?

Seifer: Outsiders, that's what.

(Roxas shakes his head)

Seifer: And if they don't wise up to the rules around here, I might have to take "disciplinary measure."

Rai: Oh yeah, Seifer's always lookin' after the town, y'know?

(Roxas looks over and sees that Olette, Hayner, and Pence have arrived. Hayner huffs off)

Roxas: Wait up!

(Roxas runs to follow them)

Seifer: Hey! No chickening out of the tournament tomorrow!

Rai: We'll be waitin', y'know?

(Roxas arrives back at the Usual Spot where the three are already having sea-salt ice cream)

Pence: hung out with Seifer's gang today?

Roxas: N-no... It's not like that... Oh yeah! How was the beach? Wasn't that today?

Olette: We didn't go. It wouldn't be the same without you, right?

Roxas: ...Sorry. 'bout we go tomorrow? We could get those pretzels and...

Hayner: I promised I'd be somewhere.

Roxas: Ohh... Oh!

(Roxas remembers the events of the previous day)

Hayner: You and I have to make the finals! That way, no matter who wins, the four of us split the prize!

Roxas: Okay, you're on.

Pence: You two are gonna clean up!

Olette: Go get 'em!

(Roxas and Hayner make a sign of friendship with their arms)

Hayner: It's a promise!

(Roxas waits for a response from Hayner)

Hayner: I'm outta here.

(Hayner leaves. The screen becomes scrambled)

Computer: Restoration at 48%.

(DiZ sits at the computer with the cloaked man and Buku standing behind him)

Buku: Was that Naminé made of data?

DiZ: No. Naminé hijacked the data herself. Look what she's done now... She's totally beyond my control!

(DiZ slams the desk with a fist)

?????: Calm down.

DiZ: It doesn't matter. As long as Naminé accomplishes her goal we needn't worry about what befalls Roxas.

(Sora's memories continue to flood back. He floats toward the light, trying to grab young Kairi in the Hollow Bastion library)

Riku: It's up to me. Only the Keyblade master can open the secret door and change the world.

(Riku takes the Keyblade from Sora in the Rising Falls)

Goofy: But I'm not gonna betray Sora, either.

(Goofy protects Sora from a Dark Firaga of Riku's)

Majin Buu: Me nether.

Donald: All for one and one for all.

Sora: My friends are my power!

(Sora reclaims the Keyblade)

Beast: So, your heart won this battle.

(Sora passes right through a cloaked figure in Hollow Bastion. He blocks a large wave of blue energy from the man and sends it flying into the castle's mortar and stone)

Riku: It is I, Ansem, lead me into everlasting darkness!

(Riku moves to strike Sora and release Kairi's heart)

Kairi: Sora!

(Sora has a flash of Kairi's face and he catches Riku's blow with his Keyblade)

Sora: Forget it! There's no way you're taking Kairi's heart!

(Sora releases Kairi's heart. Kairi saves Sora from the Heartless)

Sora: Kairi.

(Sora sees Kairi smiling at him)

Leon: We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other.

Aerith: No matter where we are, our hearts will bring us together again.

(Kairi gives Sora the Oathkeeper keychain)

Kairi: Take this. It's my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it back to me.

Sora: Don't worry. I will.

Kairi: Promise.

(Sora seals the keyhole at Hollow Bastion)

Kairi: Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, I'm always with you.

(Roxas wakes up and looks out his window)

Roxas: Right... "Promise"...

(He moves as if striking with a Keyblade)

Roxas: What a mess...

(He scratches his head. The words 'The 4th Day' appear on the screen. Later, Roxas runs out of the Usual Spot)

Shopkeeper: Hurry to the sandlot! You're gonna be late!

(Roxas runs to the Sandlot, where many people have gathered to watch The Struggle)

Pence: Who you gonna root for?

Olette: Both of them, silly.

(Fireworks appear in the sky and the crowd cheers)

Producer: Ladies and gentlemen, Struggle-fiends of Twilight Town! It's time for summer's most sizzling clash! That's right! Today is the day for the Struggle and title match! Who will be the one to break through the ranks and take on our champion, Setzer!?

Rai: Seifer, y'know!?

Producer: And who will leave today as our new Struggle Champion!?

Olette & Pence: Hayner! Roxas!

Fans: Setzerrrrr!

Crowd: Setzer! Setzer! Setzer! Setzer! Setzer!

Producer: Yes, the crowd is fired up, so you know what comes next: Let's...


(More fireworks are set off. The announcer gets off the stage for the
commentator to begin)

Announcer: Hey, now. It's time to introduce today's combatants! The four bad boys who struggled their way through the preliminaries! Regular finalist and head of the Twilight Disciplinary Committee: Seifer! Completely out of nowhere--who knew he'd make it so far this year? Vivi! An underground favorite and local attitude problem: Hayner! It's his first trip to the finals! And Struggler number 4, who happens to be my absolute favorite customer: Roxas!

(Hayner looks to Roxas, who returns his gaze, but looks away solemnly)

Announcer: So--who will win this sweltering summer Struggle!? Who will take home the grand prize? The summa cum laude of Struggle--- the Four Crystal Trophy! AND...a chance to take on our defending champion, Setzer!

(Setzer holds up the championship belt)

Announcer: It won't be long now, folks. I suggest our challengers go over the official Struggle Rules before we begin!

(The challengers have a quick refresher of the rules. The tournament producer hands Roxas and Hayner each a battle sword and pats them on the shoulder. Hayner points the sword at Roxas, who looks unhappy)

Roxas: Hey... Sorry about yesterday.

Hayner: What, you still worried about that? You need to learn to let that stuff go.

Roxas: I've got a lot on my mind.

Hayner: Sorry, man.

(Roxas shakes his head)

Hayner: Wait, what am I sorry for?

(He smiles, making Roxas smile as well. Olette and Pence stop their clapping to smirk at each other. Roxas readies for battle)

Announcer: Our first match of today's Struggle tournament will be between Roxas and his best friend Hayner!

(Roxas and Hayner battle it out and Hayner loses)

Announcer: And the winner is Roxas!

(The announcer raises Roxas's arm and Roxas waves to the crowd)

Announcer: Not even friendship will slow this kid down. And Hayner put up a great fight, too.

(Roxas runs over to Hayner)

Hayner: I lost. Awww, I can't believe it!

(Hayner stands up)

Hayner: I guess I taught you well.

Roxas: I had a lot of fun fighting you.

(Hayner smiles, then stops and crosses his arms)

Hayner: Yeah, well I didn't, wise guy.

Roxas: Hey, let's find a way to cheer you up.

Hayner: Nah, that's all right.

(Hayner friendly punches Roxas's hand. He leaves and almost walks into Seifer coming up on stage)

Seifer: Out of the way.

Hayner: You in a rush to lose?

(Roxas is startled by the sudden appearance of Vivi by his side. Vivi looks up at him and giggles. Vivi and Seifer are alone on the stage)

Seifer: Don't mess with your elders.

Announcer: Whew, just look at those sparks fly! I guess Seifer didn't expect to fight one of his own boys!

(Seifer and Vivi face each other down. Then Vivi flies at Seifer, who jumps away with Vivi in pursuit)

Hayner: When did Vivi get so tough?

(Roxas shrugs. After a few attempts at hitting one another, Seifer blocks Vivi's slashes and knocks Vivi away, dropping one of Vivi's orbs.)

Seifer: You're mine!

(He lunges for the orb when Vivi returns and knocks Seifer down)

Announcer: I-I'm not sure what just happened... Um...but...the winner is Vivi! In a positively blistering comeback!

(Seifer sits up and shakes his head)

Seifer: That's not Vivi.

Roxas: Huh?

Seifer: Thrash 'im.

(Seifer, Fuu, and Rai leave the Sandlot)

Producer: It looks like Seifer's withdrawn from the Struggle for third place.

Hayner: So I'm in third now? Aw, baby!

(The producer hands Roxas and Vivi each a battle sword)

Producer: Keep it clean, fellas.

(Roxas and Vivi stare each other down as the Producer leaves the stage)

Announcer: And now, the match you've been waiting for: Roxas vs. Vivi!

(Roxas battles Vivi. As he goes in for one last strike, something stops him and Roxas notices that everything has frozen in time. Vivi suddenly turns into a Dusk, then more appear)

Roxas: Again!?

(His sword turns into the Keyblade)

Roxas: Again...

(Roxas fights the Dusks and wins, though he's tired. He's alerted by a cloaked man clapping behind him and turns around)

????: Roxas. All right. Fight fight fight.

(The man walks in closer to Roxas)

????: You really don't remember? It's me. You know, Axel.

(The man removes his hood, showing his flaming red hair)

Roxas: Axel?

Axel: Talk about blank with a capital "B." Man oh man, even the Dusks aren't gonna crack this one.

(His chakram appear in flames and he catches them in his hands)

Roxas: Wait a sec, tell me what's going on!

Axel (looking around): This town is his creation, right? Which means we don't have time for a Q & A. You're coming with me, conscious or not. Then you'll hear the story.

(Axel gets ready to fight. A strange presence flies around Roxas. Axel
straightens up)

Axel: Uh-oh.

(Roxas sighs and looks at the Keyblade. He throws it down in frustration)

Roxas: What's going ON!?

(The Keyblade appears back in his hand with a flash of light)

Axel: Number 13. Roxas. The Keyblade's chosen one.

(Axel readies to fight again)

Roxas: Okay, fine! You asked for it!

Axel: That's more like it!

(Roxas fights Axel until DiZ appears)

Axel: So it was you.

(Axel sends his flaming chakram flying at DiZ, but with no impact)

DiZ: Roxas, this man speaks nonsense!

Axel: Roxas, don't let him deceive you!

DiZ: Roxas!

Axel: Roxas!

(The two men shouting his name get the best of him and Roxas holds his head in his hands)

Roxas: Hayner...Pence...Olette... Hayner! Pence! Olette!

(The Struggle competition returns and the crowd is cheering once again at Roxas's defeat against Vivi)

Announcer: What? What just happened?

Vivi: Huh? ...How did I get here?

(Hayner, Olette, and Pence rush the stage)

Olette: Roxas!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Roxas--our new top Struggler!

(Hayner notices Roxas's a little distraught)

Hayner: Roxas?

Fans: Setzeerrrr!

Crowd: Setzer! Setzer! Setzer! Setzer! Setzer!

(Setzer drinks up the attention)

Olette: Roxas! It's starting!

Producer: You two, play fair now. You're at the top of the bracket.

Setzer: There's only room for one up here.

Producer: Well, may the best man win!

(The producer walks offstage)

Setzer: Hey, Rucksack. How about you throw the match for me?

Hayner: Roxas! Focus!

(Roxas glares at Setzer)

Setzer: Let me win, and I'll make it worth your while.

Roxas: Get real!

Announcer: Roxas, our underdog hero, versus Setzer, our defending champion! The winner of this match will be the true champion! That's bragging rights for a whole year, folks!

Setzer: Whatever you think is right, you're wrong. And that is a big mistake.

(Roxas beats Setzer)

Crowd: Roxas! Roxas! Roxas! Roxas! Roxas!

(Setzer walks offstage and points back to Roxas. Hayner, Pence, and Olette rush up to Roxas)

Hayner: Roxas!

Olette: You did it!

(Setzer turns around and leaves)

Pence: That was awesome, Roxas!

(Roxas waves to the crowd. The producer presents him with the championship belt. Axel and three other hooded figures are sat down talking)

Axel: Get rid of him?!?

(Pounding on the chair)

Axel: Wait a second! Isn’t it a bit early for that?!

???????: It’s an order. Why are you hesitating? Aren’t you the one who dealt swift merciless judgement to thos who turned their back on the Organization?

Axel: He’s hasn’t turned his back on us! He’s just not able to come back yet!

???????: If he doesn’t come back, then he must pay the price. If you oppose these orders, you will be the one to pay.

(The hooded figure throws a spear at Axel’s head and misses; Axel is not feared by it. The other hooded figure lifts his hand up to stop this, the first hooded figure stops, and then the third hooded figure lifts his hand towards Axel and dark energy comes out of it)

Axel: Use the Dusks...

(The third hooded figure still holds his precision)

Axel: Fine, I got it! I’ll do it, I’ll do it!.

(The hooded figure stops. Back at twilight town, Roxas holds it up and the crowd cheers. Later, on the ledge of the train station, Roxas sits with his friends, holding the crystal trophy. He takes off the yellow crystal and tosses it to Olette. He does the same with the red and green crystals, tossing them to Hayner and Pence. He takes out his own blue one and holds it up to the sun)

Roxas: As promised.

(Pence also holds his out)

Pence: Thanks a ton, Roxas!

Hayner: One more treasure for us to share.

(Hayner holds his out. Olette follows suit)

Olette: I've got a present, too...for all of us.

(She takes out four bars of sea-salt ice cream)

Hayner: Whoa!

(Roxas stands up on the ledge and teeters on the edge. He loses his balance and falls as the screen flickers. On the Destiny Islands, Kairi walks down the path to the beach after school.)

Selphie: Kairi! Wait up!

(Kairi stops and turns around as Selphie catches up to her)

Selphie: Hey, do you feel like going out to the island? Tidus and Wakka are all wrapped up in their ballgame and they won't go with me.

Kairi: Not today, sorry.

Selphie: Aw, why not?

Kairi: Do you remember those boys who used to hang out with us?

Selphie: Riku?

Kairi: Yeah.

Selphie: I wonder whatever happened to him. I sure miss him.

Kairi: He's far away. But I know we'll see him again.

Selphie: Sure. Of course we will.

Kairi: And the other boy?

Selphie: What other boy?

Kairi: The one who was with Riku and me all the time---we played together on that island. His voice always used to be there...but now it's gone. I can't think of his face, or his name. I feel awful about it. So I told myself--I'm not going to the island until I remember everything about him.

Selphie: Are you sure you didn't make him up?

Roxas: Naminé?

(Kairi gets a sudden headache while Roxas continues to fall off the clock tower)

Roxas: Naminé...? What's happening to me?

Kairi: Who are you? And that's not my name. I'm Kairi.

Roxas: Kairi... I know you. You're that girl he likes.

Kairi: Who? Please, a name!

Roxas: I'm Roxas.

Kairi: Okay, Roxas, but can you tell me HIS name?

Sora: You don't remember my name? Thanks a lot, Kairi! Okay, I guess I can give you a hint. Starts with an "S!"

(Kairi wakes up on the ground)

Selphie: Are you okay?

(Kairi nods. The two girls look to the island across the water. Kairi looks over at Selphie and smiles widely. She then runs to the beach. Selphie catches up)

Selphie: Kairi...?

(Kairi places her bag down and lets loose a message in a bottle in the ocean)

Selphie: What's that?

Kairi: A letter... I wrote it yesterday, to the boy I can't remember. I said that no matter where he is... I'll find him. One day. And when I stopped writing, I remembered we made a promise, something important. This letter is where it starts. I know it.

Selphie: Wow... I hope he gets it.

Kairi: He will. Starts with an "S." Right, Sora?

(The screen becomes scrambled)

Computer: Restoration at 79%.

(DiZ continues to sit at the computer with the cloaked man while Buku juggles a blue crystal)

DiZ: His progress is astounding.

?????: So what happened?

(Buku places the ball back into the munny pouch)

DiZ: Naminé's encounter with Roxas put his heart in contact with Kairi's. And that, in turn, affected Sora. You see?

?????: Naminé?... She's a wonder.

Buku: She is.

DiZ: She wasn't born like other Nobodies. She can interfere with the hearts and memories of Sora and those aligned with him.

?????: But whose Nobody is she?

DiZ: I could tell you... But first, perhaps you could tell me your true name?

(The cloaked man revealed his face from under his hood)

?????: It's Ansem.

(DiZ laughs)

DiZ: It's an honor, Ansem!

-To Be Continued-
This is a re-written sceript for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Characters include this are:

Majin Buu.
Drago, from Jackie Chan Adventure.
Shockblast, from Transformers Energon.
Jason, from Jason X.
Wolf, aka red Toa pohatu from Bionicle.
General Grevous, from Star Wars Episode 3.
Dark, looks like Majin Buu, but wears the same cloths as Drago.
A Heartless.
Buku, view link to see. [link]
and finally, another member of the Organization.

Page 2 [link]
I like this one. Anyway, I have a remake as well.

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