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Jack: I guess we have no choice. We'll have to cancel the Heartless Halloween festival for now. Here, I want you to have this.

(Jack Skellington gave Sora a Pumpkinhead key chain.)

Jack: Visit us any time, Sora. Next year's Halloween will be the scariest ever!

Dr. Finkelstein: Emotion, memory... We put in all the necessary
ingredients. What else do you need to make a heart? What is a heart
anyway? I can't figure it out.

(Sora's group boards the Gummi Ship. While Sora's group is on their way
to another area...)

Goofy: Uh, a big ship is catching up to us.

Donald: Quit gawking! That's a pirate ship!

(The pirate ship is coming towards the Gummi Ship.)

Sora: It's going to ram us! Hold on tight!

(Sora is separated from Donald Duck and Goofy and is in the pirate ship in Neverland.)

Riku: I didn't think you'd come, Sora.

(Sora gasp.)

Riku: Good to see you again.

Sora: Where are Donald and Goofy?

Riku: Are they that important to you? More important than old friends? Instead of worrying about them, you should be asking...about her.

(Riku points to Kairi who is not in good shape.)

Sora: Kairi!

Riku: That's right. While you were off goofing around, I finally found her.

(Sora tried to get to Kairi, but Captain Hook's left hook arm blocked his way.)

Captain Hook: Not so fast. No shenanigans aboard my vessel, boy.

(Sora is surrounded by Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and the Heartless.)

Sora: Riku, why are you siding with the Heartless?

Riku: The Heartless obey me now, Sora. Now I have nothing to fear.

Sora: You're stupid. Sooner or later they'll swallow your heart.

Riku: Not a chance. My heart's too strong.

Sora: Riku...

Riku: I've picked up a few other tricks as well. Like this, for instance.

(Sora's shadow appeared in front of Sora.)

Riku: You can go see your friends now.

(An invisible hatch opens and Sora falls into the Hold.)

Riku: (to Captain Hook) Let's get under way, already. And keep Sora away from Kairi until we're ready to land.

(Riku left.)

Captain Hook: (to Mr. Smee) That scurvy brat thinks he can order me around!

Mr. Smee: What shall we do, Captain Hook?

Captain Hook: Nothing! The hold is crawling with Heartless. Let them keep an eye on the brats.

Mr. Smee: But, Captain, you-know-who is also down-

Captain Hook: Shh... Did you hear that, Smee? Oh, that dreadful sound!
Mr. Smee: No, Captain.

Captain Hook: (shaking Mr. Smee's shoulder) Are you quite sure? Did I imagine it? Oh, my poor nerves...

(Later in the Hold...)

Goofy: You don't say?

Sora: Yeah, it was definitely Kairi. I've finally found her.

Majin Buu: All right! Then let's go up and talk to her.

Sora: Yeah!

Donald: Sounds great. Okay, but about getting off!

Sora: Oh, sorry.

(While Sora's group finds a way out...)

Peter: Ahem! How ya doin' there? Looking for a way out?

(Peter Pan appeared.)

Goofy: Who are you?

Peter: I'm the answer to your prayers.

(Donald taps his foot as if he doesn't believe Peter Pan.)

Peter: Okay, then. Fine. Have it your way.

Sora: But you're stuck in here, too, aren't you?

Peter: No. I'm just waiting for someone.

Sora: Who?

(Suddenly, a glowing thing flies around and lands on Peter Pan's hands.)

Peter: Tinker Bell, what took you so long?

(Tinker Bell answers without anyone hearing her talk.)

Peter: Great job. So you found Wendy?

(Tinker Bell answers.)

Peter: Hold on. There was another girl there, too?

(Tinker Bell nods.)

Peter: Are you crazy? There is no way I'm gonna leave Wendy there!

Majin Buu: Aha. She must be pretty jealous.

(Majin Buu laughs. Tinker Bell felt offended and pulls Majin Buu antenna.)

Majin Buu: Ow! Hey!

(Tinker Bell flew away.)

Peter: Come on, Tink! Open up the door!

Sora: Ahem!

Peter: I'm Peter Pan.

(Peter Pan waits to shake Sora's hand.)

Sora: I'm Sora.

(Sora was going to shake Peter Pan's hand, but Peter Pan changed his mind by moving his hand away from Sora's.)

Peter: Okay, we're in this together, but only 'til we find Wendy.

(Sora's group finds a way out, but at the kitchen...)

Goofy: So, uh, how come you can fly?

Peter: Anyone can fly. You wanna try?

(Peter Pan whistled to call for Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell arrived.)

Peter: Aw, haven't you cooled off yet, Tink?

(Peter Pan flies up with Tinker Bell and pixie dust were sprinkled over Sora's group.)

Peter: Just a little bit of pixie dust. There. Now you can fly.

(Donald jumped up and tried to flap his arms but instead of flying, he fell to the ground. Tinker Bell laughs as Donald taps each finger on the ground. Meanwhile, with Riku and Captain Hook...)

Captain Hook: What? So Wendy's not one of the chosen ones?

Riku: There are seven, supposedly, and Maleficent says she's not one of them. Hoist anchor as soon as possible. Leave all the dead weight behind, including her.

Captain Hook: After the trouble of capturing her? And why those seven? What is Maleficent planning, anyway?

Riku: Who knows? As long as it means getting Kairi's heart back, I couldn't care less.

Captain Hook: Hmph. You're wasting your time! The Heartless have devoured that girl's heart. I'll stake me other hand it's lost forever.

Riku: I will find it no matter what.

Voice of Mr. Smee: Uh, Captain...

(Mr. Smee is speaking over the pipe tubes.)

Captain Hook: What?

Mr. Smee: The prisoners have escaped. What's more, Peter Pan is with

Captain Hook: Blast that Peter Pan! All right, then! Bring the hostage
to me cabin, Smee! Hop to it!

(The screen switches to Sora's group.)

Peter: What is it, Tink?

(Tinker Bell answers that she spots Wendy on the next floor.)

Wendy: Peter? Peter Pan?

Peter: Wendy!

Wendy: Please hurry! The pirates are coming!

Peter: What! I'll be right up there! Just hold on!

Sora: Wendy?

Wendy: Yes?

Sora: Is there another girl in there with you?

Wendy: (looking at Kairi who is in bad shape) Oh, why, yes. But she seems to be asleep. She hasn't budged an inch.

Sora: Kairi? Kairi!

(Kairi slightly moves her right arm and fingers. Then all of a sudden, Kairi is being dragged away.)

Peter: Wendy! Hey, let's get up there!

(Sora's group goes up to the next floor and tries to open the door to where Wendy and Kairi were last heard from.)

Peter: Wendy, are you in there?

(The door is locked and there's no answer. Sora's group enters the cabin.)

Sora: Riku, wait!

(Riku disappeared with Kairi. Suddenly, Sora's group encountered Antisora. After Sora's group defeats Antisora, they received Raven's Claw accessory. Then, they open the hatch to the room where Wendy was.)

Peter: Wendy!

(Wendy's unconscious.)

Peter: Come on, Tink! Not now! Well, This is as far as I can go. I've gotta help Wendy.

(Peter Pan left with Wendy. Sora's group goes outside of the ship. Out there...)

Captain Hook: Quite a codfish, that Riku-running off with that girl
without even saying goodbye.

Sora: Run off where? Tell me, where did he go?

Captain Hook: To the ruins of Hollow Bastion, where Maleficent resides.
But you won't be getting there.

(Captain Hook shows a lantern with Tinker Bell imprisoned in it. Sora's group was shocked.)

Captain Hook: Unless you intend to leave your little pixie friend

Sora: No...

(Sora's Keyblade disappears. Sora's group was surrounded by the Heartless.)

Captain Hook: Hand over the Keyblade and I'll spare your lives. Be glad I'm merciful, unlike the Heartless. So, which will it be? The Keyblade, or the plank?

(Suddenly, Captain Hook heard a clock ticking noise and saw the Crocodile.)

Captain Hook: It's him! The crocodile that took me hand! Oh, Smee! He's after me other hand! I can't stay here! (to the Crocodile) Go away! Oh, I can't stand the sight of him! Smee, you take care of them!

(Sora is going to jump off from the plank to the Crocodile's mouth. But then, Sora heard Peter Pan's voice.)

Peter: Fly, Sora! Just believe, and you can do it!

(Sora jumped off and before the Crocodile could grab Sora, Sora jumped and started flying. Then, Peter Pan dashes in midair to grab the lantern with Tinker Bell and releases her.)

Sora: Thanks, Peter.

Peter: Hey, don't mention it. You didn't think I'd leave you and Tink behind, did you?

(Mr. Smee ran away. Sora's Cure spell got upgraded to Cura.)

Sora: You're all going down!

(Sora's group fights and defeated the Heartless. After that, Peter Pan knocks on the door to the cabin where Captain Hook is in. Peter Pan looks like he wants to play a trick on him.)

Captain Hook: Is that you, Smee? Did you finish them off?

Peter: (talks like Mr. Smee) Aye, Captain. They walked the plank, every
last one of them.

(Captain Hook came out and Peter Pan sneaks up and pokes Captain Hook in the back with his dagger. Captain Hook got furious.)

Captain Hook: P-Peter Pa-blast you!

Peter: Ready to make a splash, you codfish? Now it's your turn to walk
the plank!

(Sora's group fights Captain Hook. After Sora's group defeats Captain Hook, Captain Hook got thrown into the water and the Crocodile chase after Captain Hook in a fast motion. Sora learned Ars Arcanum and received Ansem's Report 9. Later, Sora is thinking of something while everyone else is concerned about him.)

Goofy: Uh, Kairi couldn't wake up, so maybe she's really lost her-

Donald: Shh!

Majin Buu: It’s beat not to say it.

Peter: Sora.

Sora: I still can't believe it. I really flew. Wait 'til I tell Kairi. I wonder if she'll believe me. Probably not.

Peter Pan: You can bring her to Neverland sometime. Then she can try it herself.

Sora: If you believe, you can do anything, right? I'll find Kairi. I know I will. There's so much I want to tell her-about flying, the pirates, and everything else that's happened.

(Then, Tinker Bell arrived to talk with Peter Pan.)

Peter: What's that, Tink? What about the clock tower? You say there's something there?

(Later, Sora's group flew to the clock tower and there, Sora's group flew to the clock that is not 12:00. Sora strikes the minute hand to make it 12:00 and then, a Keyhole appeared. Sora uses his Keyblade to shoot a beam at the Keyhole and this world is sealed from the Heartless forever. Sora's group received Navi-G Piece. The screen switches to Sora's memory.)

Riku: Hey, Sora.

Sora: Hm?

Riku: When we grow up, let's get off this island. We'll go on real adventures, not this kid stuff!

Sora: Sure. But isn't there anything fun to do now? Hey, you know the girl at the mayor's house? She arrived on the night of the meteor shower!

(Riku saw a keyhole at the wooden door. Then, the screen switches to the area where Riku is kneeling trying to catch his breath and Maleficent is standing.)

Maleficent: It was reckless to bring her here without at least using a vessel. Remember, relying too heavily on the dark powers could cost you your heart.

(A noise was heard form behind.)

Maleficent: A castaway. Though his world perished, his heart did not. When we took the princess from his castle, he apparently followed her here through sheer force of will. But fear not. No harm will come to you. He is no match for your power.

Riku: My power?

Maleficent: Yes, the untapped power that lies within you. Now, child, it's time you awakened that power and realized your full potential.

(Riku gains better power from Maleficent. The screen switches back to the clock tower.)

Wendy: Peter, are you really going back to Neverland?

Peter: Afraid so. But we can see each other any time. As long as you don't forget about Neverland, that is.

(Peter Pan and Wendy hold each other's hands. Donald Duck laughed and Tinker Bell is mad.)

Peter: Oh, boy. She's gettin' steamed again. Do me a favor. Look after her for me, will ya?

Sora: What?

(Sora learned to summon Tinker Bell. Sora also received Fairy Harp key chain and learned the Glide ability. Sora's group boards the Gummi Ship.)

Donald: Well, we found the Navi-Gummi piece. Let's go back to town.

Sora: Cid'll install it on the ship once we bring it to him.

(Sora's group returned to Traverse Town. In there, Sora's group talks to Cid.)

Cid: Looks like you found the other one. Let me see it.

(Sora's group showed the Navi-G Piece to Cid.)

Cid: Okay, wait here. I'll get it installed right now.

(Cid leaves to install the Navi-G Pieces for the Gummi Ship. Later...)

Donald: Sora!

Goofy: Now, just remember what Donald said to ya: no frowning, no sad faces.

Sora: How can you be so cheerful? There's still no sign of your king. Aren't you worried?

Donald: Aw, phooey.

Goofy: The king told us to go out and find the key bearer, and we found you. So as long as we stick together, it'll all work out okay. Ya just gotta believe in yourself, that's all.

Sora: Just believe...

(Sora closes his eyes and wonders.)

Voice of Kairi: I believe in you.

(A bright light appeared on the screen and Sora is taken to a dream world in a library where young Kairi and her grandmother are at.)

Sora: Where am I?

Kairi's Grandmother: (to young Kairi) Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light the hearts of children. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world. It's the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps, deep within the darkness. That's why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open. And the true light will return. So, listen, child. Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you. Believe in the light, and the darkness will never defeat you. Your heart will shine with its power and push the darkness away. Do you understand, Kairi?

Sora: Kairi!?

(Sora tried to get young Kairi's attention, but Kairi did not pay any attention to Sora. Then a bright light on the screen appeared and Sora woke up.)

Sora: Huh?

Majin Buu: What's the matter?

Sora: Um, nothing. Kairi... Did you call me?

(Later, Cid came back.)

Cid: I installed that navigation gummi. But, ya know? That place is crawling with Heartless. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sora: ?

Cid: Here, take this along.

(Sora received Transform-G. Before Sora's group boards the Gummi Ship, Sora's group paid a visit to the Magician's Study and Sora opened the book and appeared in 100 Acre Wood. Sora enters the empty meadow. In there, Winnie the Pooh is sitting on a log by himself touching his own head as if thinking.)

Pooh: Think, think. Think, think.

(Sora talks to Winnie the Pooh.)

Sora: Hi there. What's wrong?

Pooh: Nothing. Just thinking.

Sora: Oh.

Pooh: I was thinking of how to say goodbye to Pooh.

Sora: Pooh?

Pooh: Yes?

Sora: Wait a second. You're Pooh?

(Sora takes a seat next to Winnie the Pooh.)

Pooh: Yes, I'm Winnie the Pooh. Pooh for short. Who are you?

Sora: I'm Sora.

Pooh: Oh. Hello, Sora. Have you come to say goodbye to Pooh, too?

Sora: Well, no. Why would I do that? We've only just met.

Pooh: Because everyone's gone away.

Sora: What do you mean?

Pooh: Well, we all lived here in the Hundred Acre Wood. And we'd take walks together, or play Pooh sticks... And every day, I'd eat some honey. Just one small smackeral would taste very good right now. But now everyone's gone. All my friends, and my favorite Hunny Tree too. Everyone must've gone away while I was napping, I think... (gets off the log) So, who knows? Maybe I shall end up going away somewhere as well. But I wonder, how do I say goodbye to myself? Think, think, think.

(Sora said nothing.)

Pooh: Oh, my tumbly is getting rumbly.

(Pooh left. Sora exits the area and proceeds to Winnie the Pooh's
house. Inside, Winnie the Pooh is snacking on a jar of honey.)

Pooh: Oh, bother. There's no more honey left. If only the Hunny Tree would visit... Then I could eat my fill.

(Winnie the Pooh left the scene. Sora goes outside and saw Owl.)

Owl: Let me guess: You'd like to know what happens next. Unfortunately, some of the pages are missing, so I can't tell you yet. The pages are scattered over many worlds. Would you find them for us?

(Sora exits the area and proceeds to the tall tree. In there...)

Piglet: Hello, i-is anyone there?

(Piglet came out of the log.)

Piglet: Wh-Wh-What am I to do? I'm all alone. Pooh? Pooh? Where are you? It's me, Piglet.

(Suddenly, Sora arrived and Piglet turned around. Piglet gasp and ran to his hiding spot. Sora found Piglet shortly.)

Piglet: Oh dear! I was j-just... N-Never mind. I'm sorry!

Sora: (kneels to Piglet's level) Don't be scared. You're looking for
Pooh, right?

Piglet: You know Pooh? Oh, y-you see, I-I have something for him... I have to take it to Pooh right away!

(Suddenly, Piglet can hear Winnie the Pooh coming.)

Piglet: Oh, Pooh!

Pooh: (to himself) Oh, I believe I smell a delicious something-a something like honey!

Piglet: Pooh!

Pooh: Hello, Piglet. How have you been?

Piglet: Oh, I-I'm so glad to see you. I though you'd gone away. I brought wh-what you asked for.

(Piglet giggles a little and made a floating balloon for Winnie the Pooh.)

Pooh: Thank you, Piglet. Now I can finally have some honey.

Piglet: Really? B-But how?

Pooh: I shall hold on to the balloon, and fly like a bee up the Hunny Tree, see.

Piglet: But, if you take their honey, won't the bees be angry?

Pooh: Hmm... Oh!

(Sora talks to Winnie the Pooh.)

Pooh: If you could only chase away those bees, I'm quite certain I could get a small morsel of honey. Would you help me get some honey?

Sora: (wondering) Should I help Pooh get some honey? (Sure!)

(Owl appeared.)

Pooh: Oh. Hello there, Owl.

Owl: Good day, Pooh. What are you doing? Using a balloon to get some honey? Splendid idea! Allow to offer a few pointers. Ahem! Now, Pooh can get honey by floating up this tree with his balloon. The honey is inside the tree hollows, not the beehives you see here. There's quite a lot of honey in these holes. If Pooh gets too close, the bees will come out to protect their honey. If they get to Pooh, they'll pop his balloon. Lock onto the bees and swat them away. The more time Pooh has at each hollow, the more honey he can eat. There's more honey higher up, too. If the jumping from branch to branch proves difficult, try the Rush command. Rush can help you catch up to Pooh quickly. But it isn't fully reliable. Good luck.

(Sora begins the event. After the event...)

Pooh: That was yummy in my tummy, but there's room for a bit more.

(Sora exits the area and proceeds to the vegetable fields. In there, Sora saw Piglet and Winnie the Pooh there near Rabbit's house.)

Piglet: Look, Rabbit's house c-came back! But it looks like Rabbit isn't home. Pooh's been calling and calling, but the house says no one's there.

(Sora goes inside Rabbit's house. Outside with Piglet and Winnie the Pooh...)

Pooh: Who is this person named Nobody?

(Winnie the Pooh tries to go through the tree hole.)

Pooh: Nobody, have you seen Rabbit? No! No Rabbit here! There's no one here!


Pooh: Hello, Rabbit!

Rabbit: Why, P-Pooh. What a pleasant surprise... Nice to see you, too, Piglet. And...

(Rabbit suddenly saw Sora.)

Rabbit: Is this a new friend? P-Pooh, I'm sorry, but... I'm all out of honey at the moment.

(Sora saw a jar of honey on the rafters.)

Rabbit: H-Honey? Now, how did that get up there? (to Winnie the Pooh) Would you like some, Pooh? Don't feel you have to, of course.

Pooh: Oh, thank you, Rabbit. I would like just a small smackeral. I'm quite hungry.

(Winnie the Pooh begins eating the jar of honey.)

Rabbit: Um, Pooh Bear... You're not eating the whole pot, are you? Once you start, there's no stopping you, is there...

(Sora went outside of Rabbit's house. And then...)

Piglet: H-Help! Please help Pooh!

(Back inside, Sora saw Winnie the Pooh stuck to the tree hole. Sora talks to Winnie the Pooh who is stuck.)

Pooh: Oh, help and bother. I'm stuck again. I came in through this hole so it must have shrunk.

(Sora goes outside and talks to Winnie the Pooh from the outside.)

Pooh: Oh, how will I eat honey if I'm stuck here? When it's lunch time, perhaps you could bring me a honey jar.

Rabbit: No honey 'til you're unstuck!

(Rabbit arrived.)

Rabbit: If Pooh doesn't slim down, my house will stay plugged up forever! If only there were something we could do... Wait, I know! A bit of carrot top juice will do the trick! I have a carrot patch on the other side of the stream. Carrot top juice is just the ticket to slimming down a Pooh! (heard someone coming) Oh, no!

(Tigger came bouncing forward and bounce-landed on Sora, making him fall to the ground.)

Tigger: Hey there! Name's Tigger! T-I-double-guh-RR. That spells Tigger! Well, now! I don't think I've ever seen you before!

Pooh: Hello, Tigger. You've just bounced my new friend Sora.

Tigger: Hey, Pooh! Say, you're lookin' mighty uncomfy today. Is that some new exercise? Why, bouncin' around is a lot more fun.

(Sora gets up.)

Sora: Wh-Why do you bounce around so much, Tigger?

Tigger: Why? 'Cause bouncin' is what Tiggers do best! Speaking of which, my bouncin' spot has gone and disappeared! So for now, this'll be my new bouncin' ground.

(Tigger bounced away. Sora talks to Rabbit.)

Rabbit: Tigger's bouncing will ruin my vegetables!

Tigger: And if we don't give Pooh some carrot top juice, he'll be stuck forever. Please help me! Keep Tigger away from my carrots!

Owl: This is quite a fix. But I have just the solution. Pay attention, now.

(Owl appeared.)

Owl: Sora, you'll have to protect this carrot patch. If Tigger bounces on a carrot twice, it'll be buried. (stepped on one) Once... (stepped on it again) Twice! Just like that. Protect the carrots from Tigger's bounces and you'll receive points. How, you ask? It's elementary! Simply get to the carrots before Tigger lands on them. There are fifteen carrots here. Your score depends on how many you save, and how many times you block Tigger. Oh, and one more thing. The Rush command is the key to a high score. Select Rush while near a carrot that isn't buried yet. You'll dash to the target area before Tigger lands. Well, good luck!

(The event begins. After the event...)

Tigger: Say, you kept up pretty good there, Sora, especially for a non-
Tigger! Let's have another go.

(Tigger bounced away and left the scene. Later...)

Rabbit: Thank you so much. Now I'd better make that carrot top juice. I'll get the carrots, so please wait inside the house.

(Inside Rabbit's house...)

Rabbit: Oh, what a day! I gave Pooh the carrot top juice. All we have to do now is push him out. Just a little push should do.

(Sora shoved Winnie the Pooh really hard and Winnie the Pooh popped out of the tree hole and suddenly landed into another jar of honey with his head. Rabbit was spooked.)

Rabbit: First my vegetable patch and now this...

(Winnie the Pooh has a jar of over his head.)

Pooh: Oh, bother. Where am I? It's ever so dark in here. Well, it isn't so bad, I suppose. There is plenty of honey.

(Sora exits the area and proceeds to the tree with a swing. In there...)

Piglet: Look, Pooh. Something is floating this way.

Pooh: I think you're right, Piglet. What could it be?

(Winnie the Pooh and Piglet saw Eeyore.)

Pooh: Why, it looks like Eeyore! Hello, Eeyore, if it is you.

Eeyore: Hello, Pooh. Yes, it's me. Could you pull me out? That is, if it's not too much trouble. Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to.

(Sora dived into the river and pulled out Eeyore. Later...)

Eeyore: Thank you, Pooh. Thank you, other you. You know, floating along out there, it seemed like something was missing... And something's still missing.

Piglet: Why, Eeyore's tail is gone! Is that what's missing?

Eeyore: Let's see... Yep, lost it again. Wonder where it went this time. It's not much of a tail, though I'm sort of attached to it. But I don't know why anybody'd look for it. Probably won't find it anyway...

Sora: Sora, why don't we all look for Eeyore's tail?

Owl: Lost something?

(Owl appeared.)

Owl: Searching from a high place is the quickest way to find it!

Sora: Owl, can you fly up high and help us find Eeyore's tail?

Owl: Sorry, but my eyes aren't what they used to be. Too much reading, you know. But I can offer good advice! Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to. See that swing up there? Take Pooh there. You're a bit too big for the swing, but Pooh should fit nicely. I'll tell you more when you get there.

(Sora takes Winnie the Pooh to the swing. After that...)

Owl: Here's what to do. First get ready to push.

Sora: How?

Owl: (showing Sora what to do) Like this.

Sora: Like this?

Owl: Then press R1 to give Pooh a push.

Sora: How's this?

Owl: Not bad, not bad! Here's the next step. Press R1 before he swings back to the bottom. If you time it right, Pooh will swing higher and higher. Try it! I'll help you with the timing. Press R1 when I spread my wings. Push too soon, Pooh won't go any higher. Push too late, he'll go too high.

(Sora begins the event. Then, Winnie the Pooh goes high in the air and lands on Eeyore's makeshift house. After that...)

Eeyore: Hm? That looks familiar...


Pooh: How's it looking?

Sora: There we go.

Eeyore: It's not much of a tail, but it's mine. Thanks, everyone.

Pooh: I wish we could put the Hundred Acre Wood back the way it was,

(Sora exits the area and proceeds to the tree stumps. In there, Sora talks to Tigger who is bouncing with Roo.)

Tigger: This here is my bouncin' spot! We can bounce around here all

Roo: Nothing beats bouncin'!

Tigger: You wanna bounce, too, Sora? It's lotsa fun!

Sora: (wondering) Lotsa fun! (Okay!)

Roo: To bounce with the finest, you'll need some pointers from the finest.

(Owl appeared.)

Roo: But, Owl, you don't bounce around like we do!

Owl: I'm afraid you're right. I can't master everything, I suppose.

Tigger: (to Sora) Bounce this way, please!

(Sora talks to Tigger and Sora begins the event.)

Tigger: Here's a little warm-up.

(Sora watches the first bouncing from stump to stump with Tigger and Roo and then Sora does that. After that...)

Tigger: Now it gets tricky!

(Sora watches the second one and he does what Tigger and Roo did. After that...)

Tigger: You're doin' fantastical! This'll be the last one.

(Sora watches the last one and he does what Tigger and Roo did. After that...)

Tigger: You've gotten mighty good at bouncin', Sora! Right, Roo?

(Sora talks to Roo.)

Roo: Hey, Tigger! I think he's ready for the big one!

Tigger: Well, there's only one way to find out!

(Sora begins the giant pot event where he has to break it. After doing so, Sora exits the area and proceeds to the winding muddy path. In there, Sora talks to Pooh.)

Sora: What are you doing, Pooh?

Pooh: Shh. Quiet, or they'll get away!

Sora: Who?

Pooh: The people who took everyone away. See their footprints? We were all sticking together to make sure no one got lost again. But then, I saw some footprints that needed following. So I did. Suddenly, everyone was gone. Bad people must have taken them away!

Sora: Actually, Pooh, I think those footprints are... Um... anyway, I'll help you look for your friends.

(Sora saw Eeyore in the big bush.)

Sora: Eeyore?

Eeyore: Hello.

Sora: What are you doing?

Eeyore: Lookin' for sticks to build my house...again.

Sora: Sticks for your house? This place already feels like a house... Seems like a great spot to gather everyone once we find them.

(The event begins. After that...)

Rabbit: Everyone's here!

(Later, everyone gathered at the night of the hill.)

Piglet: I'm so glad we're all together again. I didn't know what to do when I was all alone.

Tigger: Aw, Piglet, you gotta be brave.

Piglet: You weren't lonely at all?

Tigger: Lonely? Are you kiddin'? I'm a Tigger! The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I'm the only one. But I do admit, friends are awfully fun, too!

Pooh: Think, think. Think.

Sora: Hey, Pooh, what are you thinking about now?

Pooh: Oh, well, I'm just thinking about what to think about.

Sora: (giggles) Well, I'm off.

Piglet: Sora, where are you going?

Sora: I'm gonna go look for my friends. They're waiting for me.

Tigger: Bounce on back again!

Piglet: I hope you find your friends!

(Everybody waved as if saying goodbye to Sora.)

Pooh: Sora, don't forget... We shall always be here. If you'd like to visit again, that is.

(Sora disappears and the book closes with the keyhole sealed. After that, Sora's group boards the Gummi Ship.)

-To Be Continued-
This is a Re-written version of Kingdom Hearts Part 8

page 9 [link]
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